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On April, the 9th 1940, the german army captured the strategically important airfield of Sola, outside Stavanger in southwestern Norway. Even from this first day, the occupation forces were allmost certain that a British attempt to capture the airport would come, sooner or later. Those thoughts lead to the wish to fortify the whole region in order to beat an enemy attack.

To prepare the defence of the airport, a "Festungpionierstab" was brought in. By 1943, Stavanger became one of the 13 locations in Norway which were given the title and rank "Festung", which was the highest possible status of importance regarding defence.

The authors of the book "Festung Stavanger" have gathered information about all aspects of this defence, and what`s left to see today. The book (300 pages all in all) contains:

Within all this technical info, detailed information and armament of the units located in each strongpoint from all the branches of the former "Wehrmacht" are added. Examples of these units are 274. Infanterie Division, "Jagdführer" Norwegen, Marine Artillerie Abteilung 503. In addition, you will find articles on other used tanks, planes, radars, coastal artillery, WPG, and much more.

The book comes as a multi language version with

This project has been fully financed by the authors, and due to high printing costs, it will be limited to 750 copies. The book can only be purchased by contacting the authors.

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Norway 350 NOK

Europe 35 EUR

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