Festungsinfanterie Btl 656

Brennåsen is yet another of those small headquarters with observationrooms we have found in Norway.

The style is not unlike the tunnel in Farsund, but Brennåsen is much better preserved.

The location may seem a little strange, but when looking on a map, this small hill is actually an exellent place to

control the western approach to Kristiansand.


The tunnel once had 3 entrances, one of them are closed today, while a second ends up in a private garden.

Inside, there is a main corridor connecting a rather big velved room with 3 smaller "radio rooms". Each radio room has 2 antennashafts.

Each entrance is equipped with a 434P1 as maindoor, and a 19P7 gasproof door right behind. In addition to the doors, all 3 entrances are

equipped with 48P8 entrance defence. It`s quite difficult to figure out where the ventilation system was placed, but some remains of the filterhousings are still present.

The shaft leading up to the 89P9 observation copular have been sealed with a new steelplate and rebuilt as a kind of oven..... My thought was that it could have been used to smoke salmon or something :-)


The bunker is well worth a visit, but since the whole complex is located on private soil, we strongly recommend you to not trespass without asking permission!

01 - HGS, 3 Eingänge, mit 89P9

89P9 outside

inside - part of the ventilation/heating-system

entrace defence [48P8]


inside ....