MKB 6./501 Nötteröy

3 * 38 cm KM 36/35 (f)

range 42 000 m

never finished until may 1945

Construction started in March 1944 and the battery never got finished. Only 2 guns were installed in May-45, and only 2 test grenades had been fired from one of the guns. The guns, 3 x 38cm KM36/35(f) were all captured in France in 1940 1st gun was taken from a railwaystation in St.Nazaire. This gun was meant to be used on the French battleship "Jean Bart". The second gun was taken from the factory in Rouelle, where it was stored as a sparegun for the French navy. The third gun was taken from a Navy test ground in Gavre.

The batterysite (Gunemplacements) today:

one of the gun emplacements

another unfinished emplacement

After the war, the Norwegian coastal artillery took over the battery, but in 1949 the guns were shipped back to France. In return, the Norwegians got 3 x 38cm SKC/34 (Same as MKB Vara) which were removed from "Batterie Todt" next to Calais/FRance. The new guns got a short life, as the battery closed down and the guns were scrapped late in the 50`s

Jean Bart 're-equipped' with it's original guns

One of the Casemates of the "Batterie Todt" - where the guns were moved and brought to Norway in 1949 in exchange:

Since this time the Casemates are empty...

Casemate of the MKB Todt