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39-45 Magazine Dec/2002

Article about HKB Landehoven - Mandal

39-45 Magazine Feb/2005

Article about MKB Fjell - Sotra

Panzer tracts 21-1

Photo for book

MKB Fjell - Sotra og Øygarden forsvarsforening

Production of photo CD for tourists

Museumcenter Hanstholm

Supply of exhibition photos

Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk

Supply of exhibition photos

Royal New Zealand Navy Museum

Supply of exhibition photos

'Panzerstellung - A history of the use of tank turrets as fixed fortifications'

Supply of photos (Not yet published!)

"Fortyfikacje okresu II wojny swiatowej w okolicy Bochni"

Authors: L. + M. Jasinski, R. Mozdzen 

ISBN: 83 92210 719

The book contents the history of the 1944 german defence lines a1, a2 and b1 in today' s poland . The ARN supported the project with pictures of R 621 HKB Maröy, R 656 Inf.Stp. Halbmond Ostende and R 672 MKB Fjell.


Bunkerologi  - Culture project at Lista

Supply of articles & maps

Atlantik Walk - Culture project in Stavanger (see link page)

Supply of articles & maps + guided tour

Svensk pansarHistorisk förening

Supply of reference photos

Verneforslag for utvalgte bunkere ved Lista

Suggestion for  protection of certain bunkers at Lista

(klick on picture to download = 1,47MB)

Verneforslag for R 615 bunker i Bergen

suggestion for protection of R 615 bunker in Bergen

(klick on picture to download = 1,36MB)

Verneforslag for tysk kantinebygning ved Lager Rom / Lyngdal

Suggestion for  protection of cantine-barrack at Lyngdal / Lager Rom

(klick on picture to download = 2,00MB)