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the Camouflage of fire control posts, gun-emplacements, or MG Posts was done by several solutions: stones & rocks, camouflage-nets, concrete and paint !

Some remaings works can still seen today at the batterie sites:

Fire control posts:

HKB Ferkingstad - partly done with rocks and concerte

HKB Ferkingstad - partly done with rocks and concerte - backside view !

HKB Hessa - just natural rocks used !

HKB Kristiansund - partly "lost" his camoulflage - looking today like a "mushroom"

HKB Marka - camouflaged as a house !! the roof is still visible !

Original picture of the fire control post og HKB Marka

HKB Ogna - PERFECT done with concrete !

complete camouflage works done in stones - HKB Skudeneshavn

HKB Vikene - done with stones & grass

HKB Vikene - in use by the Homeguard and still camouflaged !

also "very well" done ! looking like a rock !

PAK and MG-posts

Vf Post for 4,7cm Pak (t) - still looking NOT as a bunker !

SK Bunker for MG - see the colour of the wet concrete and the background - looking similar !

Vf MG post - partly lost its stones - in former days looked like the rock it was build on !

red and black colour on the frontpart of the R 676

more paint used for the interieur of this Vf 5b

Troups- and ammunition-shelters

R 607 at HKB Syre - stones & concrete used

Ammunition storage at Trava - simple rocks & stones used

R 622 at Tarva - camoulflage settings in the building itself and rocks on the sides and roof


looking like a big stone - but a concrete camouflaged Rs in the middle !