Tour Trondheim - Örlandet - Tarva Septmebr 2008

Here is a brief summary:

11/9 Trondheim area:

- Hospitalbunker Lade. (Tunnelsystem)

Lade hospital

- Bunker Nordblitz (SK for Adm. Polarküste)

- Lade (SK or L49? For Fliegerführer)

12/9 Ørlandet / Tarva:

- R601 Bjugn. Intact bunker but rebuilt/covered on the outside

R 601

- L484 Ørlandet

L 484

- Roundtrip inside + outside Austrått fort. Also inside the R631 with perfectly restored Festungspak 36(t)


4,7 cm PAK (t)

- Inside M120 at MKB Husöen + Freshly dug-out R621. Not much more news except for a gigantic “fresco” carved into the rocks below the flaksite.

M 120

13/9 Tarva:

- Roundtrip on the island, not much changed since last visit, except for a fence around the L485 (Still accessible)

- Boattrip to a small island west of Husøy (Hegersteinen) V174 in connection with a R621, Remaining FuMO 4 on top(!!)

V 174 + R 621 with FuMO 4

V 174 + R 621 with FuMO 4

14/9 Tarva:

- Continued roundtrip on Tarva

Return to Trondheim

15/9 Værnes:

- Kongshaugen R622 with “BI” emplacement on the roof. Some small shelters around.

R 622

- Fosslia L424A. Also what seems to be a complete Heavy Flak battery, but little time to investigate more than one tunnel, two emplacements and some feldm. Shelters…