Saturday 28.05.05


- Vetteland

Pz II Flamingo Rs 232, Rs 58

- Langåker

PzII Flamingo Rs 232, Rs 241, R 608 Jäg.Ber.Gef.std

- Borhaug

Pz 38(t) Rs 241

- Vest Hassel

Pz 38(t) Rs 241, Pz II Flamingo Rs 232

Midt Hassel

Pz 38(t) Rs 241


Pz II Flamingo Rs 232, R 667

Rs 232 with "Flamingo turret"

- Åsen

2 x Rs 232, R 680

Flamingo turret - closeup


L 480


-Trollkirka Hill 102

HGS with 749P3 copular

749P3 - optic part


OB for 5 cm KwK, Vf 7a



Nothing found


Nothing found


HGS (closed) Trenches with double MG position, concrete MG position. Feldm. shelter.

Sunday 290505


-Lager Rom (Military area)

Canteen barrack with original paintings, U-shaped garage complex

original wallpaintings


-Uranienborg Hq II/HKAR 979

Kabelanschlussbrunnen (KAB), roadblock/guard, HGS with 3 entrances (partially used by Sivilforsvaret), Feldm. searchlight garage, 2 x HWB frames, 1 x HWB collapsed, trenches


2 x R 620 (one with covered staircase to the entrance), 2 x KAB, R 501, Norwegian WW I position and memorial stone.

HGS communication central, R 633, HGS with 89P9 copular and 3 entrances, HGS  with 2 entrances

Tank obstacles made by railwaytracks and wood

HGS with 2 entrances, R 502 with 89P9 copular, 2 x Rs

HWB in 2 meter concrete, 2 x Rs, 2 x MG positions, trenches



HGS with 2 entrances, HWB (PAK garage)

-Gimlemoen (Former German camp)

3 x Feldm. airraid shelters with 2 entrances, several barracks used by HIA school

-Marviga (Naval base)

Several barracks, shelters

Monday 300505

HKB 31/979 Justöen 4 x 10,5cm K332(f)

R 636, 4 x OB connected with covered trences, OB for flaregun?, HWB, 4 x shelters in rocks, MG-position, barrack foundations.

open emplacement - and in the background a R 636

HKB 32/979 Lillesand 4 x 10,5cm K332(f)

Rebuilt Vf firecontrolpost, 4 x OB connected with trenches, searchlight position, airraid shelter with 2 entrances, 2 x HWB, HGS (large hall connected to covered trench system), barrackfoundations, canteen building (original?)

a re-used emplacement

HKB 33/979 Hisöen 4 x 10,5 K332 (f)

R636, 2 x R 671 Sa (with covered staircase to the entrance), 3 x OB , Vf for ammunition, HWB, HGS, trenches. Former military area, all buildings inaccessible. Parts of the battery are still military area and fenced in.

closed down R 671Sa


-Tromøy – Hove

R 618, 2 x Feldm. Unterstd.

-Luftwaffe Flakschule Nord

Several barracks used as recreation camp today.

HKB 34/979 Flostadöen 4 x 10,5cm K331(f)

R 636, 4 x OB connected with partially covered concrete trenches, HGS, several barrack foundations, several MG-positions in rocks, OB for flaregun(?), 2 x Vf shelters (one room)

wie from the LAG emplacement towards the sea

HKB 35/979 Risør 4 x 10,5 cm K332(f)

R 636 with roof, 4 x OB (One with connected FT 17 turret) , 3 x shelter (similar toVf 7a), several Feldm. Ustd. Everything connected with partially concreted trences. Parts of the battery are still military area. Museum located in the area.

open emplacement - with an added Ft17



Funkmesstellung Königskerze

WR foundation with complete mirror laying on ground, Freya laying on ground.

Tuesday 310505



2 x OB for LAG(?) Feldm. MG bunker with 4 embrasures. Barrackfoundation, 3 x Feldm. Ustd.

HKB 37/979 Trolldalen 4 x 10,5cm K332(f)

4 x OB , OB for LAG, OB for rangefinder, 2 x Vf bunkers, 1 x KAB, everything connected via concrete trenches (partially covered). several ammunition niches, several barrackfoundations, HGS in plain rock.

trenches in rock



Nothing found


Nothing found

-RV 352 – crossing Vassdalåsen

2 x HWB MG bunker (2 x 483P2 with 6 cm extra concrete in between + entrance defence 48P8)

-HKB 1/980 Langesund 4 x 10,5cm K332(f)

R 636, 2 x R 671 (Guns left inside?) several Norwegian open emplacements, 2 x HGS, several shelters. Everything permanently closed wit concrete (abandoned 1996)

Entrance via retractable bridge over a deep valley!

closed R 671 - in the background the rebuild R 636

-Rugtvedtmyra near E-18

1 x HWB MG bunker, 1 x HWB shelter

-Rugtvedtmyra west at Rv 353

2 x HWB MG bunker, 1 x HWB shelter


-Brevik harbour

HWB shelter w/ inscription ”1943”, 1 x HWB double MG bunker

-NW RV 354

1 x HWB double MG bunker (below the bridge)


1 x R 630

HKB 3/980 Rakke 4 x 12cm K370(b)

6 x OB (3 x Bettungsschiessgerüst remaining)

Vf fire controlpost (3 floors), several MG positions(rock/concrete), Vf bunker, Feldm. Ustd.

gunemplacement with "Bettungsschiessgerüst"


Wednesday 010605


-Larvik harbour

Covered bunker (Vf/R?), 3 x OB (MG?), HGS (Norwegian communication central??)

- Larvik Bay

R 676 w/770P4, Feldm. observation post, 1 x OB LAG?, 1 x HWB MG bunker.

-HKB 5/980 Vesteröen 4x 12cm K370(b)

4 x OB (3 x reused for 10,5 guns under armoured shield by Norwegian forces) Vf fire controlpost, 7 x MG positions connected with trenches, several Feldm.Ustd., concrete foundations for flamethrowers, barrackfoundations, several Norwegian OB/foundations.

Everything permanently closed with concrete.

nice build in MG postion for close defence

-MKB 6/501 Nötteröy 3 x 38cm KM36/35(f)

3 x unfinished OB with underground ammunition stores (several stages of construction)

Barrackfoundation, one OB is used as a museum

the never finished gun emplacement

-MKB 3/501 Bolaerne 4 x 15cm L/50 Bofors

4 x R 671 (Undergrounsystem in rocks with 12,7cm guns still there, only front visible from outside.) Vf fire controlpost, 2 x Norwegian fire controlpost, 2 x Norwegian OB (one with concrete shelter), 2 x Rangefinder copular (1993), 2 x OB for FLAK, 1 x Rs 58, several German MG positions, 1 x Norwegian MG bunker (beach defence), 1 x Norwegian double MG bunker (beach defence nice camouflage), 2 x modern Norwegian OB, several barracks. Everything is closed with concrete. The batteries were given up in 1999 + 2000 and the island is undergoing conversation and will be accessible via a regular boat from summer 2005 onwards.

closed down R 671 with its 12,7cm SKC still inside (!)

Thursday 020605

-MKB 4/501 Toraas 4 x 15cm L/50 Bofors

1 x Vf firecontrolpost (navy standard type), 4 x OB (3 x guns are still there), HGS ammunition, HGS personnel, several barracks, 1 x Rs 58c, several MG positions (concrete/rock), apart from one OB everything still within military area, last round fired in 1976, abandoned 1996

'high' above the batterie "watches" the firecontrol post

on of the 15cm Bofors guns in its emplacement

-Alarmbatterie Horten 3 x 10,5cm K332(f)

1 x Feldm. Firecontrolpost, 2 x OB , 1 x ancient Norwegian OB , public park area

-Naval Museum Horten

1 x speedboat (P 961), 1 x submarine, 1 x 10,5 cm SKC/32, 1 x Krupp gun 1877, several guns, interesting museum about the history of the Norwegian navy, main focus before 1900

-HQ SeeKdo Oslo Fjord

1 x LS-SK still in use, partly modernized

Island of Rauoy :

-MKB 2/501 Rauöy 4 x 15cm SKL 45 – Later 4 x 10,5cm

1 x Vf 157, 1 x R 622, 3 x R 668, 1 x SK OB with shelter, 1 x Rs 58, 1 x Vf 7a, 1 x SK ammunition (concrete + rock), 2 x OB (concrete + rock), 1 x OB extremely rebuild, trenches, the whole batterysite was rebuild and reused by norwegian forces

the rebuild Vf 157

1 x Norwegian firecontrolpost (pre WW II), 1 x norwegian OB (pre WW II)

Norwegian coastal battery 4 x SK with 15 cm SKC/28 in Kst.M.P.L.C/36 (two guns still there), 1 x firecontrolpost

norwegian casemate with  15cm SKC/28

inside view from the backside

The whole island is full of Norwegian post war bunkers, MG-positions and trenchsystems. The batteries were given up in 1997 + 1998. The island is still military area.

Friday 030605

-Veisvingen battery 4 x 22,5 cm ML Armstrong 1866

ancient batterysite situated on the hills east of the Oslofjord, all guns are still in position

view of the guns and the emplacements

-MKB 1/501 Dröbak 3 x 15cm L/47,5 Armstrong

1 x Vf 157, 1 x Rs 58, 1 x norwegian firecontrolpost (pre WW II), 2 x modern norwegian gunbunkers still equipped with 10,5 cm SKC/32, 2 x modern Norwegian OB for 10,5 cm SKC/32, trenches, MG-positions

Island of Oscarsborg :

The whole island is a museum, several batteries from different times are on display. In the old fortress is the Norwegian coastal artillery museum located.

-MKB 2/Marineersatzabteilung (5/501) 3 x 28cm L/40 1878 (those guns got two hits on german warship “Blücher”. All three guns of Friedrich Krupp Essen are still there.

-Torpedobatterie Kaholm 3 x 2 x 45cm torpedoes

torpedo storage

Build in 1901 and modernized within its time of service it was given up in 1993. The deadly torpedo hits on “Blücher” were fired from this battery.

- ancient Norwegian coastal battery with 3 x 22,5 cm ML Armstrong

- Norwegian coastal battery 2 x 10,5 cm SKC/32 guns under armoured shield in OB

- ancient Norwegian eastern battery 4 x frontloading guns from 1859

Several other guns are on display:

1 x 24 cm

1 x 10,5 cm SKC/32

3 x 10,5 cm M 101

1 x 7,62 cm fieldgun (n)?

1 x 4,7 cm Pak 181 (f)

1 x 2,5 cm Pak APX M/37 (f)

1 x 2 cm Flak 30

1 x 2 cm Flak 38

1 x 2 cm Flak Madsen

1 x 4 cm Flak 28 L/60 Bofors

1 x 5 cm Gr.W 36

1 x 5 cm Fest.Gr.W 210 (f)

1 x 8,1 cm sGr.W 34


Not yet on display but planned for future times:

1 x 15 cm SKC/28 twin gun (ex Graf Zeppelin armament)

twin 15cm SKC/28 from the backside

1 x 15 cm SKC/28

1 x 15 cm K L/50 Bofors 1920

and 15cm Bofors gun - twin 15cm SKC/28 from the frontside (in the background)

1 x 12,7 cm SKC/34

1 x 10,5 cm SKC/32 in norwegian armoured shield for use in modern bunkers

1 x 15 cm loading exercise gun

RW-Sehrohr C/17

KPSC/1A 10 x 7°, 7 m Periskop by Carl Zeiss Jena

2 x Rechentisch C/39 f. 15cm SKL/45

R.Em.Basis 8m Modell P.C.4 Rangefinder by Optique de Precision de Levallois

Sehrohr 9

Zubehörkasten IV + V f. 12,7 cm SKC/34 in M.P.L. C/34

Zubehörkasten IV 1 (Fernrohr) f. 10,5 cm SKC/32

Peilapparat mit Zählwerk ohne S-V Marine Nr. 32

B.2.C/2 m. Grupla 5 x 14°, 10 x 7° Zielfernglas