MKB 11./502 Fjell 8 may 2005


Joined the official opening of the museum at Fjell, now that the area has been fully handed over to Fjell kommune.

The museum was opened by Elsa Nordvik and the former chief of defence, Torolf Rein exactly 60 Years after the German surrender.

MKB Fjell - new "roof" for the open turret shaft !

the new roof = cafe for the visitors

For the first time the turretshaft could be entered, and this was quite an interesting part!

climbign down the turret shaft

some original german wall-paintings are sill present

also some electrical stuff

closer look to the electrical stuff

and again a detail

Impressive to see the dimensions... This really gives a good image of how big this gun was, even below the surface!

Allmost everything down there had been scrapped, but much of the electrical equipment for the ammunition elevators have survived!

All the big steeldors were removed, but the gasproof 19P7 doors are still present.

The cafe on top of the shaft was maybe not the best idea when thinking of original preservation, but in the end, a open shaft with cafe is better than no shaft at all!

Also had a roundtrip in the batteryarea and visited a 2 x Fl242, the R632, R638, and finally decided to go the long way up to the WR emplacement.

former Würzburg-Radar position

same from another angel

inside llok of the foundation

This has also been visited by the scrapman, and most of the radar has been cut to pieces and removed. Only the main steelframe on top of the concrete was left,

but quite nice to see was the intact electrical equipment inside the foundation.

As usual some new discoveries, even if it is my 4th visit to the battery!

more Info on MKB Fjell : KLICK HERE !