Short trip within "Festung Stavanger" 6th May 2006


Stp.Gr Sola Land -  Stp I, Stp II & Stp III

- Nothing changed since last year. All bunkers still open and accessible.

Visited R632, 2 x Vf for Flak, VfMGSK and Rs65a connected to tunnel.

HKB 7./978 Bö

-The R636 has been cleaned for rubbish inside & outside!

Good idea by the landowner to make this popular bunker even more attractive.


Soma Museum

-Nothing new in the outdoor collection.


Stp Zitadelle/Forus

-Rumours say this area will be tured into industrial area!

All the equipment seen in 2004 has been removed by now......

Maybe the last time we see the remaining R 622 at Zitadelle?