Tourlist 26 May 2006

Wn Braneset / Årosveten east of Høllen

2 x Rs65a, 2  x MG empl, 3 x Feldm. Shelters, lots of trenches.

HKB Ålo/Søgne

4 x OB for 10,5cm, Vf firecontrolpost(without roof), 2 x Rs61, 1 x unfinished tunnel, several Feldm. Shelters in concrete and rocks.

Lots of “bunker art” in the area. Feldpost Nr. 01008 on several tunnelentrances

( Gesteinbohrkompanie 15 )

HKB Landehoven/Mandal

Exactly the same as in 2003, but more trees!

HKB Signalen

3 x OB for 10,5cm, Vf firecontrolpost, several Feldm. Shelters, some “bunker art” in the area. Airraid shelters in rocks beside every barrackfoundation.

HKB Lindesnes

4 x OB for 10,5cm, Vf firecontrolpost, blown up WR emplacement (Inside one of the OB), 2 emplacements connected to tunnels. Several covered trenches, 2 x Rs58, 1 x Rs61. Everything in rather “touristic” style.