Tourlist Norway 03.-10.06.2006 Stavanger – Trondheim


Stavanger Sola 1 x R 634

Karmoy Brekke Gef Std. 1 x R 608, 3 x Vf UStd., 1 x HWB UStd., 1 x Toilette, 1 x Baracke

R608 with added Tobruk next to the "Flankierende Anlage"

Karmoy HKB 65./977 Fiskaavann 4 x OB f. 15,5 cm, 1 x MG Stllg., 4 x Min. Anlage (unfinished, just rocks), 1 x feldm. UStd., barack foundations, 1 x original ammunition trailer for 7,5 cm fieldgun


Os 1 x R 105b (steelplate combination of 726P3 + 7P7 + 492aP2)


Mobergsvik 1 x Min.Anlage (accessible via lower entry, staircases leading up app. 18 m, second entry covered), 1 x Vf UStd.

HKB Tellevik 36./977 short view on the “new” arrived 10,5 cm K 331 (f) guns


HKB Eidmin 11./981 1 x OB, 1 x HWB remains, 1 x OB leiFla (just a small round concrete foundation) the battery is located in a summerhouse area, maybe in someones private gardens are more remains to be found

HKB Flokenes 07./977 4 x OB (each with added 1 x HWB, 2 x feldm. Mun UStd.), 2 x Vf UStd, 1 x Min. Anlage (large, three entries), 2 x OB Lei Fla, 1 x barracks for Kdo-gerät

Förde Stp. Bertha Stab 280 I.D. 1 x R 668 (prepaired for radioantenna inside), 1 x Min. Anlage (2 x 48P8 as entry defence) postwar use as ammunition dump, 1 x Rs, 1 x MG-Stllg., 2 x HWB (small), several barackfoundations

Antenna Parts


HKB Birkenes 35./976 3 x OB f. 10,5 cm K 331 (f) (each connected to 1 x Vf Mun shelter and 2 x HWB small), 1 x OB f. 10,5 cm K 331 (f) (with 1 x Vf Mun shelter and 1 x HWB closeby), 2 x Vf UStd., 2 x OB leiFla (1 x with Flugmelder added), 1 x Min. Anlage (just rocks with concreted floor and stairs), 1 x MG Stllg. With concrete roof, 1 x feldm. UStd., trenches in stones (partly covered with a roof) connecting some Vf buildings, barackfoundations

Andalsnes 1 x Vf UStd., 1 x HWB f. MG with 483P2 and long entrance floor, 1 x Rs 65a, huge barracks area (maybe of german origin, today in use by the norvegian homeguard)

HKB Eidsbygda 20./976 3 x 21 cm mortar (t) 1 x Min.Anlage (concrete and rocks, 434P01 with parts of 48P8 !), 1 x Rs f. FT 17 turret (f), 2 x Feldm. UStd., 1 x HWB, 1 x MG Std. (rocks with concrete roof), 1 x feldm. UStd (partly rocks), 1 x Beo Std with added MG Stllg.

Stp. Sundalsora 2 x Min. Anlage (just started in the rocks), 2 x Min. Anlage (maybe just industrial use)

Molde 1 x R 618 (according to the buildinglists, but with different measurements 15,6 x 8,3 m), closed in use by civil defence or homeguard


HKB Sekken 19./976 4 x 10,5 cm K 331 (f) 4 x OB f. 10,5 cm (each with 1 x Vf UStd and 2 x HWB small), 3 x Rs 201, 1 x feldm. Firecontrolpost (two observationslits beside each other), 4 x feldm. UStd., 1 x barack

Fire control post of HKB Sekken

Isleand Gossen:

- HKB Gossen Süd 18./976 2 x OB f. 10,5 cm (one covered with earth, both south of the street), rest of the battery visited in 2004

- Horem Baupunkt 536b 1 x R 622 (with Rs on each side), small hill with a 1 x Rs 58 and feldm. MG Stllg connected with a trench, OB f. KwK blown out of a single rock

- Rod 1 x R 622 and 1 x SK f. F.u.F. Vermittlung searched, but not build

- Smaage Lager lots of barrack foundations to both sides of the street

- WN Buholm  3 x Rs 58, 1 x Rs 65a, 1 x Vf 7a, 2 x MG Stllg.

remains of a 5cm KwK

- WN Otterhalsen nothing found

- Y – Anlage Brummer location inside a military property, no entry

- Vik lei Fla Zug Otterhalsen 3 x OB lei Fla (1 x with an added Flugmelder)

- schw. Flak Bttr. „Pillau“ 4 x R 622, 6 x OB Fla (4 x equipped with 4 cm Bofors Flak), 2 x OB lei Fla, 1 x B I Std.

4cm Bofors gun in open emplacemnt

Rs 622 in the background another 4 cm Bofors gun

- Ljovikhaugen 1 x Rs 241 searched but not found

- lei Fla Zug Lovik West 1 x R 622, 3 x OB lei Fla (1 x with an added Flugmelder)

- Lovik West some large barackfoundations

- FuMo Stllg. “ Hannover ” in Haugland 1 x WR emplacement, 2 x R 621 (one buried), 3 x Rs (2 x with added UStd.)

HKB Vevang 16./976 4 x 8,8 cm Flak (r)  3 x OB f. 8,8 cm Flak (r), 2 x Vf 7b, 2 x Rs 201, 1 x Vf firecontrolpost, 1 x feldm. MG / Beo multipurpose building, 1 x feldm. 3 embrasure MG bunker (3 x 48P8), several Vf UStd., several HWB (small) partly concreted trenches


Kristiansund MKB 3./505 1 x WR emplacement, 3 x OB f. Uto C/16 L/45 , 4 x OB Fla, 1 x B I Std., 4 x Vf UStd., 1 x Min.Anlage (Baunr. 185e, postwar modifications), 1 x R 622 SA (Baunr. 185, connecting door between the two rooms located to the rear of the bunker, right romm subdivided in three smaller compartements)

Neu-Drontheim Oysandet 2 x Min. Anlage (unfinished just rocks)

Torpedo Bttr. Hasselvika 1 x SK (empty, closed, private property) active only for two month at the end of the war, several postwar MG and observation bunkers, several barracks

sideview of the torpedo batterie

MKB Hysnes 1 x Vf 157, 3 x OB for old prewar Armstrong guns, 3 x SK f. 10,5 cm (postwar, one equipped again with a 10,5 cm SK/C 32), postwar covered trenchsystem connected to mortar positions, 4 x Min. Anlage, 1 x SK for airintake, 1 x feldm. Torpedo Bttr Hysnes (in use until Torp.Bttr. Hasselvika went into active service in march 1945), several barracks and buildings, 1 x memorial with the gunshield of a prewar Armstrong gun, museum activities have started

VF 157 and an norwegian fire control post "below"

10,5cm SKC in open emplacemnt

norwgeian  gun emplacement with fire control post in the back


MKB 4./507 Austratt interior visit

Orlandet Stp. Ophaug 1 x Min. Anlage with concrete wall for entrance protection with embedded Rs, 1 x Rs 58, 2 x feldm. UStd., 1 x feldm. MG pos.

Orlandet Stp. Berg 1 x R633, 1 x R 634 both closed

MKB Brettingen 1 x M 120 (entrance sideways), 4 x postwar gunbunker for 15 cm SK/C 28 (two guns still left), 3 x OB for old prewar 21 cm Armstrong guns, 2 x OB for olf prewar 15 cm Armstrong guns, 2 x prewar firecontrolpost (standard type), 1 x prewar firecontrolpost (two levels), 2 x prewar ammunition shelter, several baracks, 2 x postwar MG bunker, 4 x Min. Anlage, several OB (use and building period uncertain)

15 cm SK/C 28 barrel

M 120


Trondheim :

- Museum rüstkammer, police museum

- Schw. FlakBttr. Munkholmen 6 x OB f. 10,5 cm SK/C 32 under shield (1 x 10,5 reinstalled), 1 x Vf f. rangefinder

10,5 cm SK/C 32 with Deckenschutzschild

Optical Rangfinder

- Lade 1 x R 612 (with Rs added), 3 x Rs 58, 1 x L ? / SK for Fliegerführer Nord (huge construction more than twenty rooms)

- Persaunet Ubootlager 2 x LS SK (one time with two OB f. lei Fla ), several barracks, 1 x Vf guardpost with four embrasures (the whole area was given up by the military and is undergoing conversation)

LS bunker

LS bunker

- Charlottenlund Lager “Nordblitz” 1 x SK no entry military area

- Schw. FlakBttr. 4./715 Charlottenlund 4 x concrete foundation for 12,8 cm Flak 40


schw. FlakBttr. 1 x OB f. 10,5 cm buried in a garden, 2 x Vf barracks (maybe the rest of the battery is still existing, but buried inside someones gardens

Old fortification Kristiansen

Flughafen Vaernes inside the non-accessible airport area are some concrete structures visible, outside the airfield are some military properties with concrete structures and Min.Anlagen