Festung Lista - Trip 07/2005

HKB 23/978 Marka:

No changes from last visit. No new bunkers found


Search for a R621 mentioned in the buildinglists. Nothing found

Stp 1 - Lista fyr:

In the woods north of the lighthouse:

3 x Feldm. Barracks made of rocks and concrete. One of them has an attached emplacement for rangefinder. Several earth emplacements between the trees.

Further north in the light flak batterysite, only a Vf7a remains, no gunpositions found.

Lista Fyr - Vf 7a

Lista Fyr - "Wohnunterstand"

Just next to where the old runway ended, a memorial stone has been made after an accident in 1942, when a Me 109 crashed just after take-off.



Quick look in the woods around the sand loading station. Nothing new found.

Sand loading station

MKB 5/503 Nordberg:

Meeting with the “Bunkerologi” team.

stored at MKB oOrdberg - 2 * tankturret type 38 (t)


Visit to the first position of MKB Nordberg (1940-41).