D and DK trip


Marine-Ehrenmal Laboe / U995

Recommend everyone who visit Kiel to have a look at the VIIC submarine located at the memorial in Laboe! Interesting to see from the inside!

U 995 outside view

U 995 inside view



HKB 7/538 / Flakstellung Küste

Huge area where you need several hours to see everything. Difficult to access most of the open bunkers, and some are even completely burried.

There are more bunkers than listed here, but this is what I managed to see:

R 636

4 * R671

sunken R 671

4 * R674

R 134

2 * R633 (one burried)

R 120

3 * R 622

R 667


Vf 4a

L 411 (burried)

Fl 277

V 174

L 485

L 485 side view


M 270

Versuchsstellung - experimenatl buildings

Various Rs

Batterie Tirpitz (Museum)

2 * S 561

1 * F.Pz DT 4803 turret (Not on bunker)

I had expected some original items in this museum, but insede, you can see plans and wartime photos of the construction. The second S 561 is not accessible, but a impressive look from the outside!

Funkmesstellung Büffel

Another nice position, well worth a visit. On this flat soil. Its easy to see how the AA-guns are encircleing the position. Thats not allways easy to see in Norway J

Remember to park on the outside of the military area. Even how open it might look, the Danish army doesn`t like people entering with own cars.

Some visited bunkers:

L 487

L 487 side view

2 * L 409A

L 410

L 411

L 412

L 413

Vf Ladeagregatstand