Italy - Suisse 08-2006

Gothen Line / Gothenlinie

Futa Pass

same view of thw futa pass today - only a Rs 58 can be seen - no traces of the Panther turret location

Futa Pass - a R 612 !

La Spezia

MKB Lutti / Punta Bianaca

Batterie with two M272 build on top of italian open emplacements

double M272SK

the fire control post

airraid shelter in the "arsenal" at La Spezia

italian MG Posta close to Lerici

Fort de Montecchio

topview of the  4 * 14,9cm Schneider-turrets

frontal view into the barrel

inside view of the gun-turret

Fort Fuentes

old castle - but a nice view !

View of Airolo - with lost of different fortifications !

fort of the Gotthardpass