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Friday 27/8

Fliegerhorst Mandal:

Nothing seems to remain of the airfield itself, but several small “feldm.” shelters and infantrypositions can be seen between the former airfield and the sea.

Saturday 28/8

HKB 21/979 Ny-Hellesund:

In addition to what we allready knew, the museum has got a Ex-french 4,7 PAK 181(f)

(French SA-37APX) on static display.

Inscription “1944 16/6” in the open emplacement for K331(f)

R 671 in der HKB Ny Hellesund

4,7cm PAK181 (f) in der HKB Ny Hellesund

MKB 6/502 Vara

Some new vf  bunkers and ringstände found in the hillside between the peilstand and the sea.

Also a open emplacement for light or medium FLAK north-east of the main entrance.

Sunday 29/8

Fliegerhorst Kjevik:

PzKpfw 35(t) turrets according to Erik R. Plans.

Searched the beach “Hamresanden” approx 1KM in each direction. Nothing found.

HKB 31/979 Justöen:

R636, 5 open emplacements, several tunnels.

In addition to what we allready knew, there is a position for 2 FLAK, searchlight and infantrypositions on the hill 1 KM south of the battery. Mortar emplacement in the wood far behind the R636. The 48P8 in the R636 has been mounted sideways!

Inscription “1944 HK” in the R636.

R636 der HKB Justöen

HKB 33/979 Hisöen:

R636, 2xR671, 2 x open emplacement, tunnels.

A sad sight. Everything except the R636 has been bricked up. Even the 2 casemates are closed! The R636 is still used by the army, but equipped with original Zeiss binocular!

One closed tunnel with 483P2 entrance defence.

R636 der HKB Hisöen


Searched several strategic crossings. No R676 found as mentioned in our documents. One partially blown up PAK garage and a few small infantrypositions was all I could find.

HKB 34/979 Flostaöen

R636, 5 x Open emplacements, several tunnels.

Nice battery with lots of trenches and small shelters. Everything is open and accessible.


Searched the coastline of Hoveskogen. 1 x WR foundation, 1 x searchlight emplacement.

Further eastwards 2 x concrete bases for 8,8cm Flak probably belonging to the FLAK school.

Monday 30/8



HKB 35/979 Risör

R636a, 1 x FT 17 turret, 4 x open emplacements connected with Vf bunkers. Huge close defence system.

Approx 25% of the battery, including the R636a and one emplacement are fenced in by the military. (Visible from outside) lots of trenches connected with shelters and MG positions surrounding the entire battery. Small remains of 150cm searchlight.

Inscription “1941” in one of the accessible emplacements.

ein FT17 Turm in der HKB Risör

Gefechtsstand Farsund-Trollkirka

Tunnel with 486P2 observation copular.

486P2 in Trollkirka