Stolmen & Stord Saturday 16/9

"Stellung Storchschnabel", island Stolmen.

2 x WR foundations

1 x Freya emplacement (filled in with rocks)

3 x large barrackfoundations with blastwalls

several emplacements for various purposes made in stone

 Barack foundations

 WR emplacement

"HKB 61/977 Leirvik", (Leirvik on Stord island)


Located in the middle of a populated area in the middle of Leirvik, but still some stuff survived!

1 x Vf firecontrolpost with 7P7 as roof

2 x OB for 8,8cm(r) [ one has a shed built on top, partially visible underneath ]

1 x Feldm. MG bunker

4 x Feldm bunkers

1 x RS for observation

fire control post

fire control post - same with 7P7 closeup

7P7 roof from inside !