Tourlist Trondheim area 23 – 26 September 2006


Fliegerhorst Øysand:

- 2 x German hangars

- Several barracks of German origin

Grandefjæra (Ørland):

- Remains of Luftwaffe Adcock-Peiler with 6 antennafoundations

- 1 x Vf7a


Ottersbo (Ørland):

- R612

HKB 16./975 Hovde:

- Tunnel connected to SK firecontrolpost. Everything inside rebuilt postwar.

HKB 18./975 Hoö:

- Tunnel connected to SK firecontrolpost. Partially rebuilt postwar.

- 3 x R671

Wn Uthaug (Ørland):

2 x R622 with postwar modifications

1 x Vf7a

1 x emplacement for 8,8cm(?), partially destroyed

3 x postwar emplacements for lightflak

1 x postwar bunker for radar

1 x postwar garage

Lerberen (Ørland):

- S446 connected to underground system. 3 levels in total, 1st as tunnel and 2nd & 3rd as the bunker itself. Rather good original state with very little signs of postwar use.

MKB 4./507 Örlandet:

- Guided tour in the tunnelsystem and the 28cm triple-turret.

- R622 reused by the Norwegian airforce

- R631 undergoing restauration. The Czech team has done a very good job with the 4,7cm PAK. Opening of the R631 is set to 29.09.06.

Trolla (Trondheim):

- Huge tunnel used as airraidhelter. Possobly of German origin?



- Guided tour inside Dora I & Dora II


- 1 x German hangar east of the airport

- Several tunnelentraces along the road, possobly of German origin.

Searched several hills without results.


- Several remaining barracks of the quarters for submarine crews.


MKB 3./506 Lökhaug:

- 4 x emplacements for 15cm SKL45

- Vf firecontrolpost

- R622

- Vf for 4,7cm Festungspak(t)

Area is currently undergoing massive changes as several summerhouses are being built in the middle of the battery!