Tourlist 24 - 25/09

Festung Lista

HKB Varnes fyr

Even more of the tunnelsystem has been bricked up so these days, only the large maintunnel going through the mountain is accessible. For the first time, Varnes has had vandals visiting with spraycans.... Not much damage done, but still a discrease!

R 671

Lager ?? Near Varnes


Several barrack foundations (One with inscr. “1942”), small tunnel, one original barrack in stone. Destoyed concrete mixer.

Wn Jølle

2 * R501 + 4 * Rs58

Nice embedded Rs 58

Wn Kviljo

Search for missing Flamm.Turret, not found.

Nordberg south

Search for missing 38(t) Turret, not found.

Braastad / Vanse

Search for fieldartillery positions, nothing found.

Flakbatterie Stave / lista Fyr

Memorial stone, vf bunker. Nothing new found.


HKB Hausvik

The K331 guns are in a even worse condition than last visit.

Both guns looks as they will fall apart soon. The area is getting rather overgrown

first K 331

second K 331

close up of the Lafette