Metz Nordostfront 16.09.2006

-         Rugy 1 x HWB

-         Hill east of Rugy 12 x UStd

-         Hill 194 4 x HWB, 1 x shelter

-         Charly Oradour several small shelters inside and around a barn (all covered)

-         Feste Malroy not found

-         Feste Villers L’ Orme not found (probably removed while the motorway was placed there)

-         Failly Nord around the old railway line and the cemetery are several buried small shelters

-         Failly church 2 x 7,5 cm FK on display as part of a memorial

-         Batterie St. Barbe private property not visited

-         Infanterie Werk Mey heavily overgrown but nice with interesting details left (wooden doors with bery well preserved german inscriptions, a nice gunroom with a steelplate for 2 x 7,7 cm guns left)

-         Batterie Silly private property not visited

-         Batterie Sorbey private property not visited

-         Bois de Fey Infanterie Stellung  6 x Dp.-HWB intact, 1 x HWB intact, a line of several single and double HWB shelters some intact some in ruins

-         The line of fieldworks runs from the Bois de Fey in southwestern direction along the hills to the next Feste, most of those shelters lying on open fields are burried

-         Feste Prinzregent Luitpold 1 x Batterieblock f. 3 x 10 cm Turmkanone, 1 x Eingangsvert.Blockhaus, 1 x Kaserne (three levels, nice original german drawings, nice gunroom with a steelplate for 2 x 7,7 cm guns and gun fixings left), 1 x Maschinenhaus (underground powerplant bunker), 1 x Batterieblock f. 3 x 10 cm Kanone (completely blown up by germans prior to american capture in November 1944), several concrete Infantery positions on the surface, all blocks are connected by underground tunnels