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LISTA TOUR 10 / 2003

Saturday 25/10-03:

R-608 Vestre Hauge:

The bunker is in good shape! Most of the ventilation system has been dismantled and sent to MKB Nordberg for  Museum purposes.

R 608 entrance area

R 608 inside - telecom equipment

Lw-SK Vestre Hauge:

Perfect condition! Everything is still in place, including original central heating, waterpump,ventilation, air heating system+++  Definately the same bunker as Sola!

Officers messhall Lista airport:

Finally a look at the inside of this nice house! It has 8-10 original German wallpaintings, the rest is 95% rebuilt.

former German Offizierskasino - Lista airfiled

Flak Vestre hauge "Area 1":

The whole batterysite looks intact! The earth covers for the guns are still there. 2 barracks of stone, 2 Concrete gunpositions and one Vf7a


Flak Vestre hauge "Area 2":

A strange emplacement which really looks like an monument. a swaztika, a "V" and MCMXXXXI (1941) are engraved on the sides.

Flak Vestre Hauge "Area 3"

Not much left to see. One concrete emplacement, a stone barrack and a locked Vf7a on private property.

Steinsvika area:

1 x Flamingoturret+ 1 x Pzkpfw38(t) both entrances burried. There is also marked a bunker on this location, but a new summerhouse has been built on top! Foundation for a barrack.

Rs with Flamingo II turret

Beach between Steinsvika/Tjövre:

One Rs51c on the beach. 1 Vf7a north of the road. Searched for possible Pzkpfw38(t) but only found 2 very small "Feldmässig" ammunition shelters, similar to the one at Kviljo.

Underground system Kalleberg.

Doors rusted shut.... Not possible to open with the keys we had! The top is totally rebuilt, so I fear that the armoured plate is gone.... One MG pos. North of the hill. Several barrackfoundations infront of the entrance area.

Sunday 26/10-03


1 x Pzkpfw38(t) turret 250 meters north of a "Splitterschutzbox" The turret is located in the middle of a field, and is  very hard to see from the road! In the middle of the houses north of the turret, there is a partially destroyed bunker rebuilt as a barn bridge! Impossible to identify without closer look, but it smells Regelbau!


Random search without result..... The R-608 is still open!


Needed better photos of the two Flamingo turrets. Both are doing fine, and the R-680 aswell!


Needed better interior photos of the Flamingo with parts for the MG attachment.


Needed better photos + check out the "L" inscription inside. The company digging out sand are getting really close!  I fear this turret will soon be gone!!!


Random search, 1 x Pzkpfw 38(t)! Peally nice frontplate, only the barrel is missing. The Rs is filled with crap, but nice turret! 30-40 meters North, a burried emplacement....KwK???

Rs 241 with 38(t) tankturret


Searched the southern side of the hill, on the oposite side of the 2 turrets there. Only one MG pos made in stone. (U-shaped) connected with a 15 meter trench.