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Area French / Spanish borader

Col de Balitres

1 * Rs with 38(t), Rs, VF PAK-garage, and serveral MG positions

Rs 241 with 38(t) at Col de Balitres

MKB Cap Bear

1./615. later 2./615 MAA

R671 and VF MG post next to phare, serveral VF bunkers inside „marine national“ area

R671 at Cap Bear

Cap Bear - VF MG post - R 671 in the background

3 * destroyed M185, 8 * VF Unterstände, serveral MG positions, Rs 57, SEA Unsterstand, OB for searchlight

big & interestuing batterisite – with good camoulflages

Cap Bear - SEA bunker for searchlight

area westwards Marseille & Marseille


M157 partly destroyed (upper level), R680, 2 * R621

L'Espanet - partly destroyed M 157

Fort Vauban

R622, Rs

Fort Vauban and Rs 58


SK (Luftwaffe ?)

VF Kabelschaltstelle

Cap Coronne

French coastalbatterie, firecontrolpost, added by germans with 2 * R612, 1*R671, serveral Rs58


Anit tank wall, VF PAK-stand

MKB Corbiere

Privat proberty: M262

HKB Rove 2./1291

Undergroundsystem, 2 entrances, connected to 4 * Kasemattköpfe

R 612, 3 * OB

HKB Rove

HKB Rove fire control post

MKB Cavallas

4 * OB for 21cm K39/40 each with 2 * Munitionsunterstand, VF fire control post, 6 * OB schwere Falk, 3 * OB Falk, B Stand for Flak, VF LAG Stand + OB, serevral MG Posts

MKB Cavallas  - fire control post

HKB Laveron 11./1290

R 636, 2 * R612, 3(?) * R671

Partly inside EDF-usine

HKB Laveron - R 612

HKB Laveron - R 636


SK Marinelazarett

Marseille SK Marinelazarett

UBB Martha

Marseille UBB 'Martha'