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Norwegen 01-2005 Egersund

MKB 4./503 Egersund

Nice, but widespread batterysite.

All structures seems to be Vf, exept for a flooded tunnelsystem.....

Ammunitionbunker of typical "Norway style" and a HWB with 483P2 is located right of the entrance to the site.

All 4 gunpostitions are of a rather simple style, with a small ammunitionbunker connected.

Only a few tobruks were found, so the closedefence positons seems to be very few.....

The firecontrolpost also looks like the typical "Norway style" but only made in concrete. No steelplates as we are used to see.


A total of 4 Flakemplacements are surrounding the battery. One on each side, and two behind.

In addition, there are two searchlightpositions, one on each side of the battery. Both emplacements have huge parts of 150cm Scheinwerfer still left.

open emplacement

150cm searchlight parts

emplacement and Vf shelter on the backside

remaining oven in the kitchen bunker

Vf ammunition bunker

MG post "looking" over the entire battery-site

a HWB used for close defence

close-up of of the "Treppenscharte"

Wn "Erna"


This small Wn is located just south of Egersund. It covers the small passage between Viberodden lighthouse, and Hestnes.

A Rs65a has been built with an extra long entrance, approx. 15 meters. The entrance tunnel is made in concrete, and has a built-in HWB shelter. ERNA 1944 can be seen over the entrance.

50 metres behind this lies a strange structure, but nicely shaped!

Rs 65a for a 5 cm KwK

Entrance area to the Rs 65a

1944 - Erna

shelter ...

view over the Rs 65 towards "enemy direction"