Venice / Venedig

a daytrip (12.06.2007) around venice - just looking for fortifications - not for tourist places


located on the Pellestrina island : MKB Barbarigo, with 4 * M 272/M271 combinations and a Fl 277 on private proberty.

Schartenfront of the M271/272

inside view of the M271/272

Located on the northern area of the defence area - called punta sabbioni:

searchlight postion for the Fl 277 next to it

Fl 277

On type of the two versions of Flakbunkers for light guns

next Fl 277 - used as a kind of museum - (but closed during the visit)

Battery Amalfi

(WW I - italian batteriesite for double 38,1 cm gunturret)

The batterie-building (to the left) - and the generator-house (to the right)

inside the batterie-building - the former gun-turret shaft

Tedischi - a R 612 !

R 612