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Trip Stavanger South


HKB Obrestad Fyr

Harbour+Road protection Hellvik: Interesting Strongpoint with Rs65a, Rs58c, 3 x Tunnels, 3 Vf bunkers, 3 barrack foundations and a searchlight emplacement. MG positions and trenches in stone allmost everywhere!


Roadblock 4 Km Northwards of Tengsereid (In the middle of NOWHERE), 4 Machingun positions in stone/concrete, 2 rather big tunnels, each with 2 entrances.

Rs 65a at Hellevik

Rs 65a at Hellvik - another point of view

Hellevik - Rs connwected to a trenchsystem

Flakemplacemnt at HKB Brestad - in the background the lighhouse

Tengsereid - entrance to an undergroundsystem