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We - the ARN-Team

Most of the time we are 'alone' on our trips

Because we are going places most peole don`t even know exsist...

we - allone !

Since 1995, the ARN team have been on numerous tours within Norway each year in order to explore the northern part of the Atlantikwall.

ARN visiting HKB Tellevik with thanks to Dag Mjelde

Plenty of tours have been made to document as much as possible of the remainings of strongpoints, coastalbatteries and other items related to the German occupation of Norway.

sheep-shit-gang !

MORE funny pictures from our “daily tour life” can be seen here :

The members of the ARN are:

Jean-Bernard Wahl at HKB Hamningberg

Jean-Bernard Wahl, was born in Mulhouse ( Alsace , France ) in 1934. He first became interested in the Maginot Line in Alsace in 1975 before turning his interest to the Atlantic Wall in France in 1980. In 1978, he founded  the association of the Friends of the Maginot Line of Alsace (AALMA)in order to safeguard the fort of Schoenenbourg (more than 40 000 visitors each year today). He served as vice-president of the Mémorial Maginot of Upper-Alsace association, aiding in the development of the casemate of Uffheim.Ten books and many of his articles on the Maginot Line and the Atlantic Wall have been published. He has been passionate about  the coastal fortification in Norway since 1995. Several articles he authored on this topic have already been published, for example a "Journal de Voyage" (travel report) for every trip from 1995 to 2004.

after along & hard day ! some relaxing of Erik Ettrup

Erik Ettrup, the only Norwegian among the authors, was born in Stavanger in 1976. His interest in fortifications started at the age of 14 -15. Countless weekends were spent cycling the 15km distance to the beaches of Sola. At this time exploring was the main goal, and he went without maps or camera, and without any firm objectives. Since 1998 his main interest has become 90% concrete and he is also interested in the so called "Beutewaffen" (captured weapons). He is a Forum Staff Moderator for an Internet group (the Axis History Forum), and specialises in "equipment of the Axis Powers". This is his first participation in a book.

Erik  Ritterbach in front of a R 636

Erik Ritterbach was born in 1973 at Bad Kreuznach, and had his first contact with the Atlantic Wall during holidays in Denmark. First, literature was bought by his father and then his own reading led to a permanent interest. After he got his driving licence he made many trips to the Atlantic coast: a) due to his love of nature and taking pictures and b) the fortifications. His interest in Norway and the combination of exploring the Atlantic Wall there became his passion. Supported by the Norwegian Army and also interested friends he has, during the past few years, made as many visits as possible to military areas.

Daniel Schennebrgere : just "HAPPY" - sitting on the 3 * 28cm SKC/34 of MKB Örlandet

Daniel Schellenberger was born in the Rhineland in 1969. His first visits to bunkers took place as a child during the summer holidays on the Netherlands beaches. After these adventures, involving climbing bunkers and crawling through dark tunnels, there followed a few 'bunker-free' years. However, at the beginning of the 1990s his interest was permanently rekindled. Besides his interest in the Atlantikwall, that leads to several journeys into neighbouring european countries, his other passion is the Westwall (Siegfried Line) which he is exploring with his colleagues of the "Forschungsgruppe Westwall" group.